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About Suzanne Marie

The Back Story...

Suzanne M. Henderson received her Ph.D. in African American Studies from Temple University in 2007. Dr. Henderson is a former Assistant Dean at St. John’s University. As wonderful as that experience was, there had to be something more. Fin.

The Transition...

In 2018, I had to move back to my childhood home to take care of my elderly father. His time came and he transitioned and after some time, I found myself in my own transition. A movement to personal fulfillment and joy through artistry and the creative process of making things beautiful. S. Marie Fine Interiors, LLC was born.

How I help decerning clients...

Discerning clients expect personalized service that is tailored to their needs. I take the time to understand your style, budget, and timeline. I offer a range of services, such as space planning, furniture selection, lighting design, color schemes, and accessories. I pay close attention to every aspect of the design, including the finishes, textures, and patterns. This will help create a cohesive design that meets your expectations.

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Our clients will get...

  • 3D Floor plan

(measurements provided by


  • Mood board presentation (edits can be purchased separately)
  • Furniture and décor selection
  • Full estimate of all specified


Color Palette and Samplers for Home Interior

Finishing Touches Package

With this package we become a bonafide team. You will be hands on by handling basic tasks like painting, ordering furniture & assembly. You will get a shopping list with a clickable links to order every item. Once you complete the ordering from our shopping list and any required cosmetic work/furniture assembly, we’ll come and finish the space for you!

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Decorating Project Management

We function as interior design and project manager, managing design related categories including flooring, tile, paint, cabinets, plumbing, electrical fixtures and décor. We will coordinate all phases from initial client meetings, renderings, and materials selection.

Furniture Refinishing

Prices for refinishing are contingent upon piece and services rendered

A piece was given to me for free years back. It was going to the dumpster (but I brought it home). Fast forward 5 years…That's when fellow Whitney Young Alumni, Soror and sis Suzanne Henderson recently uncovered a passion for restoring furniture. She did an awesome job finishing a project I started a while ago.

Kim O.~ Chicago, IL

I am having quite a bit refurbished instead of replaced because what my parents bought is still in such excellent condition. Some of these things are as old as I am but that fits my plan to not change a lot, just refresh some things. Suzanne is awesome at revitalizing furniture and executing your overall design vision and I'm so glad she understands my somewhat eclectic, quirky style.

Ria H.~Chicago, IL

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Suzanne M. Henderson

President and Principal Designer


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